competeIf you are new to competing or have not done so in IPMS before, the following information may be useful.

Participation in the competition is entirely optional. Many members choose not to enter competition and simply bring their models for display.

Preparing for Competition

  • When you intend to enter a model in competition, you should write down some modellers notes (about a page is fine, anything more and judges will not have time to read it). These notes explain to the judges a little about the topic you have chosen to model, any extra work you have done to the model (scratchbuilding, detailing etc) and finally make note of any errors in the kit instructions (build and paint). These notes are very important to the judges as they need to understand why you may have deviated from the kit instructions. Failure to explain this will force them to deduct points

  • Models entered in competition are judged against the reference material provided. As an example, if your research has shown that the kit or decal sheet paint scheme is slightly incorrect, include reference material like photos that supports your changes.

  • Remember that the judges do not necessarily know how much extra effort you put into your model. If you have done additional work (like detailing cockpits, wheel wells etc), then mention this in your notes or even better still, include some in-progress photos. That way the judges can better evaluate the true amount of effort you have put in.

  • Remember to always supply the instruction sheet from the kit and any resin/photo etch after market sets you have used. Failing to supply these basic items, will immediately loose you points !! Not a good way to start.

  • It may sound obvious, but clean your model. Nothing detracts from a well built model than dust etc.

Competition Classes

IPMS NSW have two classes for competitors, Novice and Expert.

Competition Categories

AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicles), Aircraft, Cars and Trucks, Ships, Science Fiction, Figures, Helicopters, Dioramas and Open

Competition Rules & Judging Sheet

The official IPMS NSW competition rules and a sample judging form are attached below in PDF format.To read a PDF file, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader