competeIPMS NSW runs a range of competitions throughout each year – a main “End of Year” competition across all model categories, as well as several special competitions run at other times during the year.

Entry to the End of Year Competitions is free for IPMS NSW members and costs $3 per entry for non-members. No references are required. All that is needed is for you to bring your model in on the day. Judging is done by experienced members of the club. For 2023, the End of Year Competition will be moving to a Gold/Silver/Bronze award system, with an additional award for the first place in each category.

Categories are listed under "End of Year Competition", below.

A competition entry form is available to download, print and fill in by hand.  Alternatively, an editable .PDF version of the entry form with a list of categories is also available


End of Year Competition

This is a general competition held in November each year and is the largest single event on the club calendar. All types of models are represented, and all club members are free to enter as many categories as they wish. Non-members are also welcome to enter, at a cost of $3 per kit. Competition categories are as follows:-

  • Military Aircraft – 1935 and prior - large scale (1:35th and larger)
  • Military Aircraft – 1935 and prior - medium scale (1:48th and similar)
  • Military Aircraft – 1935 and prior- small scale (1:72nd and smaller)
  • Military Aircraft – 1936 -1945 - large scale (1:35th and larger)
  • Military Aircraft – 1936 -1945 - medium scale (1:48th and similar)
  • Military Aircraft – 1936 -1945 - small scale (1:72nd and smaller)
  • Military Aircraft – Post 1945 - large scale (1:35th and larger)
  • Military Aircraft – Post 1945 - medium scale (1:48th and similar)
  • Military Aircraft – Post 1945 - small scale (1:72nd and smaller)
  • Helicopters – large scale (1:48th and larger)
  • Helicopters – small scale (1:72nd and smaller)
  • Civilian Aircraft – all scales
  • Military Vehicles – WW2 & Prior - large scale (1:35th and larger)
  • Military Vehicles – Post-WW2 - large scale (1:35th and larger)
  • Military Vehicles – All eras - medium scale (1:48th and similar
  • Military Vehicles – All eras - small scale (1:72nd and smaller)
  • Artillery - Pre-gunpowder era, all scales
  • Artillery - Post-gunpowder era, all scales
  • Cars – Street and Custom – large scale (1:18th and larger)
  • Cars – Street and Custom – small scale (1:20th and smaller)
  • Cars – Competition – large scale (1:18th and larger)
  • Cars – Competition – small scale (1:20th and smaller)
  • Trucks - all scales
  • Motorbikes – all scales
  • Ships / Submarines – large scales (1/450th and larger)
  • Ships / Submarines – small scales (1/500th and smaller)
  • Figures – large scales (1:16 and larger)
  • Figures – small scales (1:18 and smaller)
  • Dioramas – all scales
  • Vignettes – all scales
  • Real Space – all scales
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy - all scales
  • Gundam & Mecha - all scales
  • Open - Including Scrathbuilt - all scales
  • Open - 3D Printed models - all scales

Junior categories (for entrants 16 or under)

  • Junior - Aircraft - all scales
  • Junior - Open - all scales

Models which have previously won a place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in the End of Year Competition may not be entered again. All categories will be run provided there is at least one entry.


Wing Commander Connolly Memorial Training Aircraft Competition

Run once per year – this competition has training as its theme, specifically multi-seat training aircraft capable of carrying an instructor and at least one trainee. Any aircraft used in this role, no matter the scale or era, is eligible to enter.


Club Group Build

Each year the club runs a “group build”, where everyone builds the same model kit. The group build is a fun way to test your skills against fellow model-makers on a level playing field as well as to compare techniques.

There are 6 categories for 2024:-

  • Aircraft - 1/48th scale Messerschmidtt Me-262
  • Military Vehicles - Tamiya 1/35th Panzer IV & variants - all types built using the Pz.IV chassis
  • Civil Vehicles - Tamiya 1/24th Honda S-2000
  • Ships - 1/700 WW2 Axis battleships
  • Figures - Any kit from the Tamiya 1/16 figure range
  • Sci-Fi & Mecha - Bandai HG RX-78-2 Gundam


IPMS Warbirds Memorial 

The IPMS warbirds memorial competition is run in honour of former members who have contributed to the club. Each year a particular "warbird" - a fighter from WW2 - is selected as the subject. For 2024, the subject is the Supermarine Spitfire. All scales and types of kit of the warbirds subject are welcome.


Wood, Wire & Canvas

The subject for this competition is any aircraft used in World War 1, or biplanes from later eras built using “traditional construction” – i.e. wood, wire and canvas. All scales are permitted. Unlike other IPMS NSW competitions, reference material is encouraged and forms part of the judging criteria.